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LaserTag is now out of beta stage and is ready for all to play! When you login to, if you are running 1.7.9 you can use /server lasertag and join an arena.

I hope you all have fun! If you have any feedback, improvement suggestions, or bugs that need to be squashed, please report them so they can be fixed!

There are 7 classes for you to play. You start out as a Novice, and can fire lasers once every 1.8 seconds. As you gain coins by playing, you will soon be able to upgrade your class choices so you can fire more lasers per second, all the way to 1 laser per 0.6 seconds! This is what donor options will be centered around: You can either buy coins or classes. A VIP package will allow you to spectate arenas, gain extra coins, use cool commands like /hat, /nick, and /ptime (during the arena!) and more.

In other news..
I will be on vacation for the next 10 days or so! I will have limited access to internet and I will try to be on when I can, but don't panic, I am still dedicated to the server and it will not shut down. If you need to speak to me, just make a forum thread.

All donations will be on sale with coupon code lasertag. Donate now for 25% discounts!


[Owner] AoH_Ruthless posted Jun 30, 14
Our first custom minigame, LaserTag, has opened. What sets our LaserTag minigame apart from the rest?

- Playable on 1.7.2 - 1.7.9
- Does not require a resource pack to generate lasers.
- Easy to play, no lag, and consistently fun.
- None of that arrow bs for lasers. No; we use real fireworks.

That's right. Fireworks. To play, you will join either Green or Purple Team. The goal is to score a predetermined score, or have the highest score at the end of the match. To score points, your task is to shoot explosive fireworks that kill.

Currently this gamemode is in beta, and will be in beta until Sunday, July 6.

How can I join the Beta?
Beta access is given to all previous donors, or anyone who purchases beta access for $5. 

What happens to my money after the Beta ends?
You will be given a complimentary $8 Donor package after the beta finishes for the LaserTag server, if you bought beta access. If you joined the beta due to previous donations, you will not be given this package complimentarily.

Can I get access through a Youtuber Rank or other advertising?
If you can prove that you have 200 subscribers on youtube or more and wish to make a video about LaserTag, you will be given complimentary beta access. However, if you advertise LaserTag on other Minecraft servers against their rules and are caught, you may be subject to a tempban as it reflects badly on Valygard.

Do voting donations or free trials count for this beta access?

What happened to the Survival Server you were planning? 
This survival server is still in progress; don't worry.

Can I at least spectate the arena? 

Well, how do I join LaserTag?
When you login to , use /server lasertag to join for the first time. If you don't have access to the arena, but you should; create a forum thread or support ticket regarding this issue.
The Factions server is going under a lot of changes over the next week that we feel will improve the player experience. These updates are a result of a very conclusive survey and we hope you enjoy what I have in store!

Just today, I added an option to sell almost any item you wish! You can now sell rare items, common items, food items, redstone items, ingots, etc.. You can't sell weapons, armor, potions, and other common items but almost everything else is fair game.

Just use /sell in-game.

What other updates are coming to Factions?

- Donors will be able to make their own player shops to buy and sell items from others.
- Donors can access a donor shop to buy more items than the current shop provides
- Disguises for donators
- Other updates for all players coming soon
Ever brought your friends to the server and wanted a reward? Well now you can get one! If you get a friend of yours to join the lobby for the first time, have them redeem a code so both you and your friend get money!

What do I do with money? Every $10 is equal to 1 real USD cent on the donation store. So, save up your money to buy something you want by contacting me in-game.

How do I refer players?

To generate a code, type /generatecode in game. If you forget your code, use /codes to view active codes. When a player joins the lobby for the first time, they must /redeemcode <code>, where the code is what you told them. If they do not redeem on the first time, then they cannot redeem the code.
I need help! With the assistance of you, the community, I want to determine the future of this server. To do this, I have setup a feedback form that you may fill out. Not all questions are mandatory and the form is completely anonymous. However, if you elect to do so, leaving your username and answering all questions means you are eligible for a reward on the server of your choice.

On the Factions server, you will receive $5,000 Valygard cash to purchase in-game items for completing every question on the form.

If you choose the KitPvP server for your reward, you will receive 2500 Emeralds, the KitPvP currency.

Choosing the Creative Server allows you to receive another plot for free.

Thank you for filling the form here!
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