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UPDATE: The servers are now online :)

Currently, we are facing a DDos Attack, and the servers are down at this time.

Please be patient and we are working on a fix for this problem!
Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.
Many Updates to Valygard in recent days:
  • We now have a hub server system! We have 3 different servers: Factions, KitPvP and our Lobby!
  • Our Web Store has gone under 2 important changes: We now offer the same packages for as little as 40% cheaper (permanently) as well as some new packages. So get Donating at our web store!
Congratulations to Courtesyfan9017 for  being the top voter of February. As a prize, he wins 64 diamond blocks! Contact me in-game to receive your reward.

Get ready to vote for March, whose contest is beginning soon! Get voting at
It has come to my attention that the voting link  to MCSL was dysfunctional. To fix this, I removed that link and added a new link - MCServerStatus! Now you can vote all 5 times and receive the rewards you should be getting!

Sorry for the inconvenience and happy voting!
This Valentines Day, the entire Donation Store is going on a 20% Discount! Buy something for you or your significant other from Friday to Sunday for already cheap donation packages!
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